Special Interest & Current Issues

Serawa Budol

Sub-committee member
Wilfred Mac
Mathew Benson Mounsey
Nigel Isut
Jacqueline Kemping


  • To meet/contact other associations when there is a need to do so.
  • To discus with government departments/agencies on matters which could ease the burden of the Association’s members from time to time.
  • To be the focal point of other associations or bodies to ask for help and support when the needs arise.
  • To attend, on behalf of the President, functions which are important to create rapport with the public as a whole.
  • To give encouragement to all EC members to be actively involved in charity and voluntary work in Miri and the state of Sarawak.
  • To organize friendly games with other associations and bodies in Miri.
  • Organizing talks through the radio to inform members on the activities organized, giving advice on various topics.

Summary of proposed activities:

  • Publicity campaign through RTM Miri
  • Courtesy visit to Miri Resident Office and Miri District Office
  • Courtesy visit to Mayor of Miri City Council
  • Educational tour of ILP, IKBN and Curtin University of Technology
  • To participate in any activities being organized by any government body/agencies upon invitation
  • To participate in the welcoming of dignitaries visiting Miri City
  • To organize Agro Tour