Cottage and Culture

Jacqueline Selaka

Sub-committee member
Julia Sambon Jugak
Abin Ngalleh
Ngadan Melintang
Lucas Jangum
Alice Jeleni Kebeng
Jacqueline Kemping
Cr. Rebecca Nanta
Regina Ranti Bujang


  • This Sub-Committee acts to assist in implementing the decisions and policies of the Executive Council with regards to culture.


  • To maintain and promote greater awareness amongst members of the Dayak Community, with emphasis on Iban, and DAM members in particular; and
  • Foster closer relationship within the Dayak Communities through cultural activities.

In trying to achieve the objectives of this Sub-Committee and to operate, close liaison and co-operation with the other Dayak Associations in Miri will be sought, especially with SADIA, SIDS and SDNU. Where necessary and possible, joint working committees will be formed.