Selamat Datai

Dayak Association Miri (DAM) started as an organization way back in1962 catering for the Dayaks mainly the Ibans who came to Miri in search of better living. The Association then provided them with a venue for them to meet and interact amongst themselves. Through the years with the support of members and various government bodies and private companies the Association grew. Today we are proud to have 2 shop houses right in the middle of Miri City in return for a 0.35 acres of land obtained through series of strategic negotiations.

The main objectives of adopted by the Association are as follows:-

Unity – to continue to inculcate and enhance the feeling of unity and togetherness among the members of the Association and the Dayak community in general;

Education – to continue to stress the importance of education to parents and students especially in the rural areas and as well as in town areas where such needs are deemed to be critical. In this regard the Education Committee will conduct motivation talks and career guidance to students from time to time; and

Business – to help to inculcate the need for the Dayak community to get involved in business and economic enterprise.

This Website
This website is yet another important milestone in the history of our Association. Other than providing easier means of administration and accessibility to information, I hope this website will offer new opportunities for members and supporters who share similar aspiration to share views and opinions on how to push our members and Dayak community in general to a higher level of progress especially in the field of education and business.

Thank You