Message from The Patron

dpjabuFirst of all I would like to congratulate the Central Executive Committee (2006-2008) and all those involved for spending your time and effort and successfully come up with this website for your Association. Special mention must be made in respect of James Joshua Guang who has put a lot of effort in designing the website to make it a reality today. To come up with a website is not easy – it needs concerted effort, co-operation, leadership and of course good knowledge of IT. I am glad that all of you have worked together, pooled your experience and knowledge together to good use for the development of your Association and our community. You have brought IT development to the doorstep of your Association. I am sure all the members and supporters of your Association wherever they may be will be proud to see your website. This is indeed an achievement for your Association!

With this website members who have IT facilities can now access information, details and activities planned by the Association from the comfort of their home. At the same time members and supporters wherever they may be can now contribute their ideas and share their experience especially in the field of education and economic enterprise without having to be physically present at the Association office in Miri here. Your website has now made life so much easier for everybody.

My advice is for all members and supporters to really make constructive use of this website and it will go a long way towards development of your Association and our community in Miri and in Sarawak in general.

Finally, once again I would like to congratulate your committee – Executive Committee, Women Section and Youth Section for job well done.

I am looking forward to hear intensification of continued cooperation amongst members, the result of which will inevitably bring many more success in the future.

Thank You

YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr.) Alfred Jabu Ak Numpang
Deputy Chief Minister, Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture
and Minister of Rural Development Sarawak