Emblem and Flag

PDM (DAM) Emblem

PDM (DAM) Emblem

The Emblem of the Association shall be a crest decorated with a handshake in white at the centre; and a traditional Dayak “Bunga Terung” tattoo painted white and red, placed on top left side and red square hat on top right and acronym DAM in black on top, encircled by two sheaths of golden padi stalk, and with the name of the Association “PERSATUAN DAYAK MIRI” in black at the base of the emblem.
The colours of the emblem and flag signify the following:-
Yellow : for loyalty to King and country,
Black : for perseverance and fortitude,
Red : for courage and leadership,
White : for purity and sincerity, and

The Emblem shall have the following significance:-
• Dayak “Bunga Terung” tattoo is to symbolise preservation of tradition and culture.
• A square hat is to symbolise the Association emphasis on education.
• A handshake is to symbolise friendship.
• Padi stalk symbolizes the struggle of members and spirit of the Association.

Our Official Flag


The flag of the Association shall be rectangular in shape with blue background and the emblem in the centre standing upright. The wording colour of “DAM” and “DAYAK ASSOCIATION MIRI” must be white. The proportion for the flag is 1:2 ratios.