1st Building

Persatuan Dayak Miri (Dayak Association Miri) [DAM] started as an organization way back in 1962 catering for the Dayaks mainly the Ibans who came to Miri in search of better living. The Association then provided them with a venue for them to meet and interact amongst themselves. Thus Dayak Association Miri (DAM) played an important role for these so called “early settlers”.


2nd Building

In 1970, the Association’s Office was developed from a humble wooden ex-SHELL
building into concrete premises. Through the years with the support of members and various government bodies and private companies, the Association grew. In 1990,

DAM’s Office was transformed into one of the high commercial value building. Today, in return for a 0.35 acres of land, through series of strategic negotiations, we are proud to have 2 four storey shophouses right in the middle of Miri City.