Aim and Objective

Aims and Objectives
The objectives of the Association are to promote social, educational, economic, cultural interest and sports and awareness amongst its members and Dayaks in general.


  1. To promote and foster unity and understanding amongst the members, Dayak and other communities.
  2. To render assistance to members and Dayak community when the nature or circumstances render it fit, fair and proper to do so.
  3. To recognize excellence and/or contribution of members and Dayak community.


  1. To promote educational excellence among Dayak students.


  1. To acquire fixed assets such as land and buildings and manage such assets for the benefits and working of the Association.
  2. To acquire movable assets that are necessary for the proper running of the Association.
  3. To promote greater awareness about commerce, trade and business knowledge and opportunities amongst members and Dayak in general.


  1. To lead or participate in the celebration of Gawai Dayak and other public functions in Miri
  2. To promote Dayak culture through the encouragement and participation in cultural activities.


  1. To promote and encourage sports and recreational activities among members and Dayak in general.