Message from The President

Mr. Jonathan Bedindang

jonathan2It is indeed an honour for me to be part of DAYAK ASSOCIATION MIRI and to serve the Association during the term which coincides with a very important milestone in its history – the Golden Jubilee celebration.

Based on records the DAYAK ASSOCIATION MIRI was formally registered on 21st June 1962. The first President was the late Francis Loke and was supported by eleven other office bearers and committee members. The first registered address was stated as “Francis Loke Residence Mori Hill, Miri”. That was the humble beginnings of our Association fifty years ago.

Since then, the Association has slowly grown and developed into an association continuing to serve its members and the Dayak community in general. Since 1990 we are fortunate, through proper planning and strategic thinking and careful negotiation, we managed to get two units of four-storey shop houses out of 0.35 acre of Association land. From the rentals of the shop houses, in addition to donations and grants, we manage to have just enough funds to run and to finance some of our Association’s activities albeit on limited scale.

Forming a voluntary organization way back in 1962 must have been very challenging. It called for plenty of sacrifices, planning, thinking and hard work. The means of communication then was a far cry from what we have today. In spite of all the challenges, the pioneering members persevered. Today, we the members of the Association owe it all to the pioneer members and members before us for their hard work and dedication in nurturing, preserving and developing the association that we have today.

Since then, there have been many members who have dedicated their time and effort in serving the Association. There are some individuals who have selflessly served 10 years or more as EC members. In terms of time and effort, that must have been substantial yet they were prepared to sacrifice their time in their wish to see that our Association continues to grow and develop, serving the needs of the Dayak population in Miri.

The primary objectives of the Association have not changed much and are as follows:-

• Social
• Education
• Economic
• Cultural
• Sports

Serving in an association and meeting its five main objectives above is an interesting and challenging experience. Like any public body, an association is accountable not only to its registered members but also to non-members and the community at large. The line between what is an association affair and public affair is not clear-cut at times. The positive spin of all these is that one gets wiser as you encounter each challenge along the way.

On this auspicious occasion, and on behalf of the Organizing Committee which comprises of the Executive Committee, Woman Section and Youth Section, I would like to take this opportunity to record Association’s “Thanks & Appreciation” to all Dayak leaders especially our Patron and also leaders in Miri who have given us guidance, motivation, moral and financial support throughout those years. Your support has given us a lot of encouragement and motivation in serving in our Association and the community in tandem with our theme “Service To Community”.

It is our hope that all the Association members and also the committee members now and the future will continue to work together as a team, preparing and building our Association for many more years to come. It is also our hope that the Association can continue to count on the support of all Dayak leaders, local leaders as well as the Dayak community in general in Miri.