Message from The Patron

YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr.) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang

Deputy Chief Minister, Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture and Minister of Rural Development Sarawak and


First and foremost, I wish to congratulate all members of DAYAK ASSOCIATION MIRI, past and also current Executive Committee (EC) on the occasion of your Association’s 50th Anniversary this year 2012. Indeed, it has been a long journey but together, you have contributed in your own way towards making the Associtaion what it is today.

Forming an Association dedicated to serving community is not an easy task. It is a very challenging job. There is equal chance of success as much as failure. Through the years, Dayak Association Miri has proven itself to be an organization that earnestly believes in serving the Dayak community and representing our community in Miri and also beyond Miri. I am always encouraged to see how the members and the EC have made good use their talents and working experience and apply them in their service to the Association.

Running and managing an association not only requires interest and talent but time. Dayak Association Miri has never been short of members who inspite of their busy commitment, volunteered to serve the Association. Some of the committee members have served for a number of terms. As Patron of Dayak Association Miri, I wish to record my appreciation and say” TERIMA KASIH” to all of you.

I must commend the Associkon for your continuous effort by giving priority in promoting and preserving our culture. You have, over the years spent time, money and effort’in organizing Betenun and ngajat classes and also betenun and ngukir competition with the hope that parts of our cultures be taught to the younger generations so that they will continue to promote and preserve these talents.

While I congratulate the Dayak Association of Miri on your 50,1 Anniversay, the Association also deserved to be highly commended on your dedication and commitment for seriously giving high priority on Education Development by rewarding students for their outstanding results in their Examination thus nurturing our community to be knowledgeable and to progress harmoniously together with all the other races towards the successful realisation of Higher Income Economy.

It is my hope that the Association will continue its role as a platform around which people with interest and talent work together in true spirit of “Service To Community’.

You have nurtured and built the foundation over the last 50 years, let the next 50 years be period of greater development for the benefits of all Dayaks in Miri and in Sarawak in general.

May this 50th Anniversary Celebration be the source of Strength and Inspiration for present and future Association leaders and members towards building Dayak Association Miri to attain greater heights.

Thank you.