Message from The Advisor

Cr. Dr. Nuing Jeluing

nuing-jeluing2It gives me great pleasure to be associated with this very auspicious occasion of Dayak Association Miri (DAM) – its 50th Anniversary celebration

This half a century land mark is a proud moment for DAM members and the Dayak community in Miri as a whole. From its humble beginning at a member’s home at the Shell Quarters, it has since grown into what it is today – right in the heart of Miri city. It symbolizes our coming of age on par with other communities in Miri.

Miri is a melting pot of various races, ethnic groups and international expatriates. Most are drawn in by the Oil & Gas industry and a developing Miri. Within this mix, there are Ibans and other Dayaks who have come to Miri to serve these industries. There are also some who relocated here as government servants.

The pioneers then had a far-sighted vision of forming a platform in 1962 for members of our community to interact, socialize and promote cultural activities. That platform was the Dayak Association Miri. And in keeping with the changing time, the name and focus of the Association have also changed slightly.

The three main pillars of the Association’s vision are the promotion of education, the encouragement of entrepreneurship and the preservation of our culture. While we have achieved much in some areas, we still need more sustained effort for future programmes. It is my hope that DAM will shine in the coming years and achieve its aspiration to be a catalyst for a progressive society.

Wishing Dayak Association Miri a happy 50th Anniversary.